Acute Migraine Management

Treatment Choices in Acute Migraine Management: Selecting Appropriate Use for Individual Patient Needs

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CME Information


Program Overview

This activity will focus on identifying patients who can benefit from nasal migraine therapy, its appropriate dosing levels, and instruction on how to administer the advanced intranasal device. For example, how might one distinguish a patient who can benefit from the fast-acting pain relief while administering the system for maximum benefit? What are strategies to assess patients for gastrointestinal signs and symptoms for whom non-oral medications may be most appropriate? This activity includes two cases with interactive case-based polling questions, and features of each case may vary to explore how they affect practice choices.

Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

  1. Compare and contrast current and emerging formulations for the treatment of acute migraines.
  2. Determine appropriate treatment plan for the management of patients with acute migraine headache, matching patient need with the latest treatment options.


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Participant will need to initially complete a short registration form with Pain Care Live to participate in this activity. Future participation in Pain Care Live activities will allow you to skip the registration process and only require you to log-in.

Published January, 2016