Primary Issues’ ISSN May23


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Primary Issues’ ISSN

Primary Care Network has received an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) registration number for its publication, Primary Issues. Registered with the Library of Congress, the ISSN designates Primary Care Network as the publisher of the serial online professional publication, Primary Issues (PI). The value of an ISSN is that articles on PI can be referenced, retrieved, and cited in other articles. As a peer-reviewed publication, PI is recognized as a medical publication that satisfies the dictate, “publish or perish” that often is associated with tenure at universities.

The ISSN is a unique eight-digit number that identifies PI. There is a global network of ISSN National Centers, usually at national libraries, that is coordinated by the ISSN International Center in Paris, which houses the database for all ISSNs worldwide. The ISSN facilitates identification, acquisition and research in libraries and documentation centers and facilitates the search capabilities for the individual looking for a specific topic or area of interest. The ISSN Register is also the most comprehensive authorized source for cataloguing serial publications. By obtaining an ISSN, Primary Issues officially becomes a recognized timely publication of relevant new data and medical trends of interest to the members of Primary Care Network.