Difficult Patients

You all have them, you can’t avoid them. Many factors contribute to a challenging patient including those that refuse your recommendations, have coexisting conditions/multitude of symptoms, have unreasonable expectations, and may even want to take over the role of healthcare provider.

Top 15 “Frustrating things patients say”

  1. “Dr. Oz says”…
  2. “Dr. Phil says…”
  3. “I read on the internet that…”
  4. Healthcare Provider: “How’s your support system?” Patient: “I don’t know why, but no one wants to be around me”
  5. “I don’t have an addictive personality”
  6. “I have a high tolerance for pain medications”
  7. “The pain clinic discharged me for no reason”
  8. “Hold on, I have to answer my cell phone.”
  9. “I’ve done a lot of research, plus my family and friends said they think I …”
  10. “Is there a natural medicine for this?”
  11. “Can you put me to sleep?”
  12. “I’ve tried everything, and nothing works”
  13. “I don’t eat anything, but I still gain weight…”
  14. “Why am I always tired?”
  15. “I just hurt… Where? All over.”

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If you are able (or unable) to attend, please leave a reply to this post and tell us the most frustrating thing your patients say and we will discuss these issues at our live events.

Note: Do not include any identifying information…
just generalized frustrating comments that impact your practice.

Here are some more frustrating things your patients say…

  1. “Do you practice/believe in alternative medicine?”.  To which I reply, “when you come to my office having traveled by alternative transportation and wearing alternative clothing….”
  2. ” I felt better so I stopped taking my (fill in the blank) medicine.”
  3. ” I took my husband’s antibiotics for 2 days, but I don’t think it was enough.”
  4. “I know I need antibiotics because this phlegm is green and thick.”
  5. “I need a refill on the heart medicine my other doctor gave me, but I don’t know the name of it.”
  6. “I stopped taking my medicine 2 months ago because they said on TV it can cause…”
  7. “Can you write my wife a prescription for antibiotics too in case she gets sick?”
  8. “I left my other doctor……”
  9. “I left my other doctor because he/she wouldn’t listen to me.”
  10. “I am allergic to everything” (presents a long list)
  11. “Can’t I just order it off of the internet?”
  12. “I need a weight loss drug.”
  13. “My other Doctor gave it to me, so…..”
  14. “I went out of town and left my medication behind.”
  15. “I dropped my medication into the toilet.”
  16. “Which weight loss supplement is the best?”
  17. “I only eat one meal a day.”
  18. “I want to lose weight and I can’t, I can’t exercise because of (fill in the blank).”
  19. “I have another appointment at 10.”(patient’s appointment with me was at 9:30)
  20. “I needed to see you, but YOU were on vacation.”
  21. “I am tired, no I won’t stop my Klonipin TID.”
  22. “I need my Adderall in order to function at my job.”
  23. “You should see my house when I don’t take my Adderall.”
  24. “I tried my friend’s Adderall and it works for me.”
  25. “My friend is on Adderall and does great, why can’t I have it too?”
  26. “I am tired……(I only sleep 4 hours at night).”
  27. “I am tired……(I have 2 jobs, a husband and 2 kids)”
  28. “I am tired……(I take Klonipin,Ambien, and Lyrica)”
  29. “I am sick, I couldn’t go to work today, but I have to work out tonight.”
  30. “My child (with leg/arm pain) has soccer games this weekend and must play.”
  31. “I need an antibiotic, I have to get back to work.I need an antibiotic, I am leaving on vacation tomorrow.”
  32. “I need an antibiotic called in, I am leaving town in 2 hours.”
  33. “I need an antibiotic, I need to nip this thing in the bud.”
  34. “I need an antibiotic, I don’t want to pass this thing to anyone else.”
  35. “You just don’t understand my pain”
  36. “I was having a lot more pain last month since I had (a fall/MVA/picked up something heavy…) so I ran out early, I need an early refill. Even after being told and documented no early refills for any reason at prior visits.”
  37. Patient that is disabled and does not work “I don’t have time to do all that” (check blood sugar, walk or other exercise).
  38. Patient doesn’t keep appointments then has a conniption fit at the front desk when I refuse to give refills.

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