The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine: Understanding the Hormone Connection to find Hope and Wellness

SHutchinsonNot so long ago, migraine was considered a neurotic woman’s problem, stemming from the ups and downs of hormones. Today, women are fighting back. Susan Hutchinson, MD, board certified in family medicine with a subspecialty in headache, has written a book for women about migraine, self-management, and how to respond to a neurologist who admits knowing nothing about hormones and an obstetrician who does not feel competent to treat migraine. That is the medical abyss in which many women with migraine find themselves floundering.

Dr. Hutchinson writes as if she is speaking directly to you. You can almost smell the carnations in a vase on her desk and want to take a bit out of one of the pears in a bowl on the coffee table in her office. She describes real-life patients, their history, what she has recommended, and how well they responded. She also recounts when and how she had to change her approach and treatment plan.

She admits that what she writes is an anecdotal report with the findings of scientific studies interspersed. What works for her patients is her ultimate goal rather than following an algorithm. She personalizes her treatment of patients because she too has migraine and has experienced the frustration of not being listened to, being advised to “live with it,” and to have to find effective treatment through trial and error.

She shares that one of the most insightful suggestions that she received was to “write 10 activities that make you happy and do each one at least once during the next 14 days.” Through this exercise, she found that, “Stress was one of the biggest barriers to overcoming my migraine problem…It is empowering to carve time out for yourself and consider it as important as an appointment or a date with a friend.”

She provides useful information to women with migraine who are planning a pregnancy and want to breastfeed their newborn. She suggests books about the effects of drugs on the growing fetus and on the breastfed infant. She also discusses her favorite medications for specific problems. It is a refreshing book to read with guidance that makes a difference.

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