Advantage Membership in Primary Care Network (Platinum Status) Jan22


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Advantage Membership in Primary Care Network (Platinum Status)

A recent survey of members of Primary Care Network (PCN) found that there was an interest in deriving more benefits from membership in Primary Care Network and that a majority of members were willing to pay dues in exchange for additional services. In response, on May 1, 2013, PCN will launch a platinum membership opportunity that will give members the following benefits:

  1. A CME Tracker: A personalized electronic compilation of the CME credits that a member has earned by participating in PCN’s live program (for example, Best Practices in Primary Care) and articles or archived live programs on the Primary Issues (PI) website (, which will be available to platinum members for a period of 6 years. 50.6% of the respondents classified this benefit as valuable.
  2. Point-of-Care CME: In search of updated information for the treatment of a patient(s), a PCN platinum member can read an article on PI, follow the links for additional information, and earn CME for the time spent in this activity by filling out a Point-of-Care CME form and submitting it electronically to PCN. 49.5% of respondents considered this a valuable asset.
  3. Discounts to Destination CME Programs. 39.0% of respondents rated this benefit as valuable.
  4. Special seating at Best Practices Programs. Platinum members will receive special recognition at Best Practices Programs.
  5. Additional benefits are now in the process of being negotiated with travel agencies for PCN platinum members. These will be offered as they are procured.

All of these features are covered by an annual fee of $99, just $8.25 a month.

To pre-register as a Platinum Member, email Sandy Bihlmeyer, Executive Director of PCN,