Headache Godfather

Finally, a book on headaches that could be made into a movie. Headache Godfather has all the ingredients: power, money, murder, suicide, and human misery as well as delight. Charlie Morey chronicles the life of Seymour Diamond, MD, icon of headache medicine, in an interview format that presents Dr. Diamond’s verbal documentary of the highs and lows of being a sought-after expert in the field of headache. The details of Dr. Diamond’s experiences parallel the founding and evolution of the field of headache from what was considered “a neurotic woman’s complaint” to a scientifically substantiated neurobiological disorder. In Chicago, he opened the Diamond Headache Clinic in 1974, “the first private headache clinic in the world.” He also established the National Headache Foundation, a research and patient advocacy organization for individuals with a headache disorder (migraine, cluster, tension-type headache) and their families.  But between these two accomplishments emerges a story of intrigue, hard work, much luck, and determined dedication to quality patient care and the personality of steel that made this all possible.

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