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New Book for Individuals Who Suffer Disabling Headaches

Gary Ruoff, MD, a member of and educator for Primary Care Network since 1999, has authored Knock Out Headaches, a self-help book for those with disabling headaches. From his own extensive experience with headache patients, he discovered a need for them to understand how to become proactive in their relationship with their primary care physician and to take responsibility for their own health. This book tells them how, gives suggestions about identifying and modifying headache triggers, and provides a checklist to self-assess the type of headache they are experiencing. There is also a step-by-step questionnaire to develop a personal headache treatment plan.

In addition, the book includes case studies that illustrate problems and solutions for headache sufferers and a frequently asked questions section. There is a chapter on migraine in children that describes non-headache symptoms that may suggest migraine (ie, episodic vomiting, vertigo, and abdominal pain).

Dr. Ruoff stated, “I reviewed the most recent books on coping with disabling headaches for the consumer to make sure I didn’t repeat what others had written. I wanted to add my own way of helping patients cope with disabling headaches but I did incorporate suggestions from other books that I thought patients would find useful.”

Dr. Ruoff is one of the founders of the Westside Family Medical Center in Kalamazoo, MI and now is the Director of Clinical Research there. He is Clinical Professor of Family Practice at Michigan State University College of Medicine in East Lansing. He has authored over 90 articles, abstracts, and monographs in various specialties of medicine. He has served as a member of the Education Commission Research Committee of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and as the Michigan delegate to AAFP.

If reading this publication interests you, purchase Dr. Ruoff’s book from Amazon.com.