Focusing on the Patient: Diagnosis and Management of ADHD

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Learning Objectives

After participating in this educational activity, participants should be better able to:

  1. Recognize the symptoms and diagnose ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults
  2. Employ the current and emerging therapeutic options for the treatment and management of ADHD
  3. Implement individualized and integrated treatment programs for patients with ADHD after a complete assessment of their physiological and psychological history



This program “Focusing on the Patient: Diagnosis and Management of ADHD” will increase the awareness of primary care clinicians regarding the signs and symptoms of ADHD and competencies in distinguishing symptoms of adult ADHD compared to the childhood disorder. It will also raise participants’ awareness of the wide range of pharmacological agents available for treatment of ADHD, their benefits and risks, helping to implement their use to develop an individualized, integrated treatment program.


 This activity has expired and is no longer available for CME; however, we hope you still enjoy the education.

Published on November 27, 2012