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Roll the Dice, Pick a Doc and Hope for the Best

Lenoard Kreisler, MD, a Family Physician also Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, practices Preventive Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada. His book, Roll the Dice, Pick a Doc and Hope for the Best increases the power of potential patients by suggesting how best to choose a physician and danger signs that warn when a second opinion may be necessary. A long-time member of Primary Care Network, he demonstrates a no-nonsense approach to the healthcare provided by “physician entrepreneurs,” where profit is more important than the patient. As it puts it, “I’m often asked by non-residents, ‘Is the Mafia still alive in Las Vegas?’ My reply, Of course, only now it’s called white collar crime and many newcomers …will wind up Vegasized.”

Dr. Kreisler names names, facts, and outcomes. As a former Chief of Staff at the University Medical Center, southern Nevada’s not-for-profit teaching hospital, he has been intimately involved with questionable behaviors of healthcare workers. The book is compelling, fascinating, and enlightening.

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