Heal Thyself

“Physician, Heal Thyself”

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While this is an old Hebrew proverb, it still rings true. How can you guide your patients to lose weight if you are overweight? How can you convince your patients to quit smoking if they can smell tobacco smoke on you? How can you be there for your patients, if you’re not there for yourself?

Your physical and mental health are important elements in  how well you care for patients. Therefore, Primary Issues  has a new section aimed for you, the clinician: “Heal Thyself.” We’ve started to populate this section with helpful tools and articles, including an article we published a while back, “Beat Burnout BEFORE it Beats You.” Your comments to this article showed us there is a need for information of this type. We will continue with more articles, but we will also ask you questions so we can learn more about your needs. We hope this is a place you can reach out to your colleagues to discuss these issues, as well.




Published April 10, 2012