A Daisy?

Do You Find Your Work Meaningful?

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My daughter and I have a question we ask each other to assess if we’ve had a bad day: “Did you find a daisy today?”

After one particularly long, frustrating, and grueling time for my daughter, I asked her that question. Her response, “I can’t find a daisy at all, Mom.” I told her to look harder. She gave it some serious thought and finally she said, “Well, I simply cannot find one, but I think I found a petal.” Sometimes that is all it takes. Seeing one positive out of all the negative. It helps us focus that there is something good in the midst of all the negative we face, even if it’s only a petal.

Healthcare is changing—and not always for the positive—for reasons related to compensation, stress, and quality of life. Still, even if you can’t find the daisy, maybe you can find the petal!


Tell us … what do you find meaningful in your work? 


Published April 10, 2012