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Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use: The Measures Defined by Information That Leaves the EMR

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Program Overview

The drive toward Meaningful Use and meeting the government mandated measures has ushered in a new sense of urgency for practices and health systems to get the most out of their EHR/EMR software. However, there is a constant need for education to ensure fulfillment of the Meaningful Use Core Measures and compliance with HHS/CMS guidelines. With so much information available at the “30,000 foot” overview level, this presentation is designed to give some specifics on five (5) of the more “controversial” measures.

  • Core Measure 12 of 15 – Electronic Copy of Personal Health Record
  • Core Measure 13 of 15 – Clinical Summary
  • Core Measure 14 of 15 – Electronic Exchange of Information
  • Core Measure 15 of 15 – Risk Assessment
  • Menu Set Measure 5 of 10 – Patient Portal

Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to

  1. Determine which of the five (5) measures, if any, need workflow changes or further documented process within their practices in order to be fully compliant for your Meaningful Use Attestation Period
  2. Identify nuances/details of each of the five (5) measures that could potentially cause you to struggle with the measure HIPAA

 Published February 7, 2012


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This activity has expired and is no longer available for CME; however, we hope you still enjoy the education.